How to add links, images, videos to WordPress 3.3 at Trinity

Note: These instructions were written for WordPress version 3.3 on Trinity Commons. For newer versions on other systems, see the general instructions on WordPress Codex.

To add a link to text in your WordPress editor, select the text and click the link button.
On the next screen, insert the destination of the link and add a simple title. If the link points to an external site, and you would like readers to easily return to your site, click the box to “Open link in a new window/tab.”

To add an image to your WordPress content, identify an image that already exists on the web (with a URL), or capture a screenshot or obtain an image to upload to your site. Be sure to follow relevant copyright guidelines and credit images to their original source.

In the WordPress editor, place the cursor in front of the relevant text, and click the upload/insert media button.

On the Add Media screen, drag & drop your image file into the box, OR click the “From URL” tab if the image already exists elsewhere on the web, OR click “Media Library” if you have previously uploaded the image to your site.

At the bottom of the Add Media screen, add a caption (especially to credit the original source), choose alignment and size, and click “Insert into post.”


To edit an image, wrap text, or change its destination URL, select the image, float the cursor to the top-left corner, and select the edit button (a small landscape photo).

On the Edit Image tab, resize the image and modify alignment. To wrap text, be sure to have placed the cursor immediately before the paragraph when inserting the image.

If you wish to send users who click on the image to a new destination on the web, insert the web address in to the Link URL field. On the “Advanced Settings” tab, click “Open link in a new window.”

To embed video from YouTube or Vimeo┬áin your WordPress content on the current Trinity Commons platform, click on a “share” and/or “embed” button to copy the relevant code:

The TrinityCommons WordPress platform requires the activation of a special plugin, iframe, to correctly process the video code. If you have not already done so, scroll to the bottom of the list to activate this plugin.

Paste the video embedding “shortcode” in your WordPress content, and edit a few characters to place square brackets at each end, similar to the format shown below. The size of your video, and other details about how it will be displayed, will vary slightly across different video services, as shown in the two different samples below:


Always credit the original source of your video feed. Since the method above does not create a caption (like a photo image caption), you will need to type the source directly into your WordPress content.

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