How to navigate Trinity’s WordPress to create & categorize your first Ed 300 post

Trinity Banter ( refers to the WordPress platform hosted by Trinity College, which allows students, staff, and faculty to easily post content onto the public web.

When you log in the first time, it automatically creates a personal web site, with a web address similar to (where jsmith01 = network ID)

For students in my Educ 300 course, I add each of you to my Ed Reform website ( and grant you authoring privileges. After logging in, go to your Dashboard, navigate to your Sites, and choose Ed 300: Ed Reform.

In the Dashboard, the most important menu items are:

  • My Sites – to select a site and visit its front-end (public) or back-end (Dashboard)
  • Posts – to add new content or edit existing posts
  • Profile – to modify how your name displays on your site, and to add biographical info

In your Profile, enter your first & last names, and choose how you wish your name to be displayed on the public web. If you add Biographical Info about yourself, such as an “about the author” statement, it will automatically appear at the bottom of every post you write. Make wise decisions about the open web and read the Ed 300 course policy on Public Writing and Student Privacy.

Add New Post to open the WordPress editor. Add a descriptive title, type or paste in your content, and check the correct category (listed in the syllabus for each assignment) for your post to appear in the proper place on the class website and earn credit. Click “Preview” to see how it looks. Click “Save Draft” while working on your post, and “Publish” when it’s ready to appear on the public web.

If you wish to encourage others to read your post, copy its unique web address (on the preview or public front-end) and circulate via email, FB, Twitter, etc.

Remember to log off when finished:

To learn more about Trinity’s WordPress platform, see the Getting Started support page, or my How-to Tutorials & Digital Tools page.

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