Lis (Pennington) Fornaro ’07 to enroll in Ph.D. program in Urban Education at Temple University

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Lis (Pennington) Fornaro '07

Lis (Pennington) Fornaro, who graduated with Trinity with a double-major in Educational Studies & Public Policy in 2007, has been accepted and will enroll in the Ph.D. program in Urban Education at Temple University in Philadelphia. Her advisor will be Professor Erin Horvat, a sociologist who studies families, schooling, and inequality. As an undergraduate in my Ed 200: Analyzing Schools and Ed 300: Ed Reform courses, I recall Lis expressing a strong interest in educational equity during her Hartford school placement, a semester abroad in Sweden, and her studies on educational finance and state constitutional law. Through the Cities Suburbs & Schools Project, Lis received Trinity summer funding to do archival and quantitative research that led to her senior research project, “A Political History of School Finance Reform in the Metropolitan Hartford Region, 1945-2005,” which she presented at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) meeting in Chicago in 2007 (and I sat in the audience, with a big smile on my face). After Trinity, Lis enrolled in the Philadelphia Teaching Fellows program and taught 4th through 8th grade students in special education, inclusion, and ESL classrooms. She spoke with Trinity students (via video conference) as part of our Pathways to Teaching panel in October 2012. Since many Trinity students search for advice about making the transition from undergraduate to graduate school, I asked Lis for permission to share her personal statement from her application, which explains why she and the Temple doctoral program are a good match for one another.