Data Visualization for Social Policy internship, Spring 2014

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Trinity students are welcome to submit letters of interest for a one-credit academic internship and weekly group meeting that I propose to supervise in Spring 2014, to be listed in the Schedule of Classes under Formal Organizations 210: Internship with Seminar, section 5. Our theme will be “Data Visualization for Social Policy,” which draws inspiration from the open data/open government movement, and together we will learn how to create digital charts and maps to tell meaningful stories about social policy. No prior technology experience is required, because we will work with tools that are designed to be user-friendly for non-specialists.

Source credit: Visualize This video for book by Nathan Yau

Extended deadline: Interested students must email a letter of interest to Professor Jack Dougherty during pre-registration week by Fri November 22nd, 2013. Explain your interest in the topic, prior coursework or experience, and your ideal internship.

Students will meet as a group on Mondays from 12 noon – 1:10pm (or a different timeslot if requested) with lunch provided for the academic component of this one-credit seminar, and also must arrange to intern for 8 hours per week (flexible scheduling) with a relevant local or state organization.

For students who contact me in advance, I will assist in arranging your ideal internship with a social policy organization that needs help with a data visualization project. In past years I have supervised Trinity students at organizations devoted to education (such as  Achieve Hartford, the Sheff Movement for school integration, the Hartford Public Schools central office, and the Regional School Choice Office), housing (the Connecticut Fair Housing Center, the Partnership for Strong Communities on affordable housing), and I have recently developed new partnerships with CT Voices for Children (a research and advocacy group) and CT Mirror (a non-partisan policy news organization). In addition, students may propose to arrange their own internships with other organizations or government agencies that focus on health policy, human rights, etc.

If your letter of interest is approved, you also must submit a completed internship contract form to Career Development. Students will not be enrolled until the contract has been approved by the placement supervisor and the instructor. At least five students must enroll for this internship seminar to be offered by Professor Dougherty.

If you have questions about whether this academic internship opportunity is a good match for you, email Professor Jack Dougherty or book an appointment to speak in person.