Heather Moore ’08 named Ann Plato Fellow at Trinity College

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Heather Moore, Ann Plato Fellow 14-15
Heather Moore, Ann Plato Fellow at Trinity, 2014-15

Heather Moore ’08 has been named the Ann Plato Pre-Doctoral Fellow for 2014-15 at her undergraduate alma mater, Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. During her year in residence, she will teach a course in the Educational Studies Program at Trinity while completing her Ph.D. degree in American Studies (with a concentration in Educational Studies) at Purdue University. Her dissertation, titled “‘I’m the One Y’all Need to be Worried About’: The Archetypal Representations of Black Male Students in American Popular Culture,” critiques and reinterprets portrayals of African-American youth and masculinity in the public realm.

As a Trinity student, Heather completed a dual major in Educational Studies and American Studies, led class discussions as a teaching assistant, and studied abroad in South Africa. For her senior research project in Educational Studies, she conducted parent interviews on school choice in both the North End and South End of Hartford, and co-authored and co-presented a paper on her work at the American Educational Research Association conference in York City. As a graduate student at Purdue University, she has become an accomplished educator and received a university-wide teaching award in both American Studies and African American Studies last year.

Learn more about the Ann Plato Fellowship and the Educational Studies Program at Trinity College.

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  1. I think this is an excellent opportunity and I believe Trinity truly needs more people like Ms. Moore. I hope to audit this class, if possible! Welcome back!

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