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I’m spreading the news about the Catalyst funding program, which offers $3,500 grants to support Trinity students in unpaid or low-paid summer internships. At present, the key information is buried so deeply inside the password-protected CareerLink database at the Career Development Center, which makes it hard to find. (Try a Google search for “Trinity College Catalyst Summer Internship” and you’ll find this Tripod story, but as of today, nothing on the Center’s own website.)

Even when you access CareerLink, it’s not easy to find. Typing “Catalyst” in the search box did not work for me. I had to go to Employers > Trinity College > Available Positions to find the info that I’ve reposted below.

The basics: Eligibility is limited to Trinity 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-year students with a GPA of 3.0 or above. Applications accepted until April 8th, 2016. Preference is given to students who have attended CDC workshops or had prior appointments with their staff. See more details in the Student Learning Agreement PDF.

From the CareerLink web page (with links to PDFs I downloaded):

If the only thing standing between you and an unpaid or low-paying internship opportunity this summer is financial support, then the CATALYST SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROGRAM is for you! The Career Development Center is proud to offer $3,500 grants to eligible first, second, and third-year Trinity students!

To be considered for the CATALYST SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROGRAM, you must upload the following completed documents to this application by noon on April 8, 2016:

1. An updated résumé that has been approved by the CDC

2. A cover letter addressed to the CDC that includes the following:
• The type of internship you are seeking and why. (Please specify one of the following: an internship you have already secured, internship opportunities to which you are applying, or an industry or sector in which you are interested.)
• The strengths and weaknesses you will bring to the experience
• What you hope to learn over the course of the internship
• How the experience will help you hone your professional skills

3. One signed Career Catalyst Initiative: Summer Internship Program Student Learning Agreement (please make sure to upload this document in “Other”):

The following documents must be completed and emailed to by noon on April 8, 2016:

1. FERPA Waiver PDF (signed by student and emailed to recommender).

2. One (1) Letter of Recommendation (recommender completes letter of recommendation and emails both the letter and signed FERPA Waiver

The following document must be completed and emailed to by 4:30 p.m. on May 6, 2016:

Employer Confirmation Form PDF (download and save a copy of this form now as this posting will expire April 8, 2016)

Amy Porter
Assistant Director
Career Development Center