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For quick questions, email jack.dougherty@trincoll.eduEmails to john.dougherty@trincoll.edu (my legal name) flow into the same in-box.

To automatically book a 20-minute appointment, scroll down to my online calendar below (see direct link). Also, feel free to drop by to see if I’m in my office (McCook 302) or Peter B’s cafe in the Library.

If you cannot meet in person, email 2-3 dates/times to talk via video conference using Google+ hangout (visit my profile > Add to circles) or Skype (jackdrty).

To request feedback on a Google Doc,  set Share > Can Comment to jackdrty@gmail.comMy Google address is NOT my Trinity email.

Frequently asked questions:

Learn more about how to set up the YouCanBookMe tool with Google Calendar.

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