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The perks of being bilingual

“Sweet serendipity” – the unexpected encounter that is truly wonderful- describes one of the highlights of this past summer.¬†In my previous post, I talked about my decision to spend the summer for my self and with the people I truly care about. Since I had much flexibility and freedom to do pretty much whatever I… Continue Reading

An identity crisis

What does it mean to be Asian? What is the difference between being Asian and Asian American? When i arrived in America to attend Trinity College, I was able to meet many incredible people. As I interacted with students, I realized that Asians in America identified themselves as “Asian American”. Although this did make sense… Continue Reading

The life of a Residential Assistant

The life of a residential assistant is unlike no other. I may look like a average junior, attending a full schedule of classes, enjoying extracurricular activities, hanging out with friends and doing research. However unlike most upperclassman, I spend most of my time with freshman.¬†Unlike any other campus jobs, I live and breathe my job… Continue Reading

Voices for North Korea

The Asian American Student Association (AASA) is my family and one of the best organizations I’ve been in thus far. Our E-board members work very hard to bring an event for the student body every week. At the beginning of my sophomore year, we discussed about possibly expanding our outreach to students and coming up… Continue Reading