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The perks of being bilingual

“Sweet serendipity” – the unexpected encounter that is truly wonderful- describes one of the highlights of this past summer. In my previous post, I talked about my decision to spend the summer for my self and with the people I truly care about. Since I had much flexibility and freedom to do pretty much whatever I… Continue Reading

Summer 2015: Deciding to take a break

My favorite time of the year without a doubt is the summer. Summer has always been a time to build my resume and accomplish goals I did not have time to ad-dress during the busy school year. So like any other past summers, the summer of 2015 was without a doubt going to be a… Continue Reading

Teaching Assistant 101

This semester I had the great opportunity to be a teaching assistant for a psychology class: Research Design and Analysis (RDA). RDA is class on the principles of research design, measurement, and inference in psychological research. The class has a lecture and lab portion. As a teaching assistant, I held the responsibility of helping the… Continue Reading

Winter 2014: Learning how to be healthy

Last winter break, I decided to stay on campus to take a J-term class on nutrition for my own good. Food and nutrition has been a topic that I’ve always been interested in. I often enjoy reading over food magazines, looking for the latest food supplements and super food, and reading food blogs on trending diets. The class… Continue Reading