Winter 2014: Learning how to be healthy


Last winter break, I decided to stay on campus to take a J-term class on nutrition for my own good. Food and nutrition has been a topic that I’ve always been interested in. I often enjoy reading over food magazines, looking for the latest food supplements and super food, and reading food blogs on trending diets. The class was fairly small in size and tailored to the interests of everyone. We spent time in the classroom and lab, exploring various aspects of nutrition and the science of food. Although we had to write essays and responses papers everyday, I enjoyed the class very much and really appreciated learning purely for my own good and interest.

During the whole class session, we were required to keep record of our food intake on an iPhone app. Through out this process, I became more conscious of what I was putting into my body and became more reflective on how I was keeping my body healthy. At the end of the class, we designed our own diet plans based on our own needs, philosophy, preferences, health history, and family and cultural history.

A highlight of the class was actually applying the knowledge we’ve learned by cooking and eating healthier meal options as a class. My favorite meal was a whole-food, plant-based menu which consisted of: Quick-as-Lightning Chili; roasted potatoes with olive oil, salt, and pepper; Thai Crunch Quinoa Salad; and tossed greens. To my pleasant surprise, this meal only came down to be only $3.50 per person.