The life of a Residential Assistant

The life of a residential assistant is unlike no other. I may look like a average junior, attending a full schedule of classes, enjoying extracurricular activities, hanging out with friends and doing research. However unlike most upperclassman, I spend most of my time with freshman. Unlike any other campus jobs, I live and breathe my job and constantly cultivate traits and skills that allow me to be the best RA I can be. I am always aware that whatever I do inside and outside of my classroom, the great label and expectations of an “RA” is always with me. Therefore being an RA has shaped much of my Trinity experience and has helped me to grow in so many ways. (Also it has given me many memories and funny stories).

Why am I an RA?

My role as a care-taker and leader began early in my childhood since I have two younger siblings and too many younger cousins. I enjoy helping others in all the ways possible and creating a sense of community wherever I am. My passion for teaching also drove me to be an RA. As an RA, I have the opportunity to educate the minds of other students outside of the traditional classroom. Due to my international background, I really appreciate the ability to embrace diversity and communicate with a variety of people through my experiences of being an RA.

What was the most rewarding moment as an RA?

Being a Residential Assistant can be very exhausting and challenging at times. However my residents are mainly what motivates me and entices me to be an RA. I have many rewarding experiences as an RA, but the most rewarding moment for me is when my past and present residents greet me outside of residential halls and casually have a conversation with me. IMG_3969