Conducting Scholarly Research in Your Major: Computer Science


Applied Science & Technology Abstracts (ASTA)

IEEE Computer Science Digital Library (IEEE)

In order to find these databases, I visited the Trinity College library webpage and searched for computer science databases. The search returned eight results. I chose to use the Applied Science & Technology database because of its well-rounded description which mentioned professional and technical journals, conference proceedings, and trade publications. I chose the IEEE database because I am familiar with IEEE otherwise known as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. I would like to research the emerging phenomenon of cyber warfare and its future implications. I used the following search terms in both databases: network attack, network defense, cyber war, cyber warfare, eWar, cyber security. ASTA returned a lot of credible results. It was easy to sort the results and find scholarly sources because ASTA labels each result as academic journal or periodical. There were many academic journal results. The database also allows users to narrow results to academic journals only. IEEE also returned a lot of good results. In order to find scholarly articles, I had to select the digital library option on the webpage. The default search method was returning articles containing at least once instance of the search term. The default method returned way too many results. I got my best results when I searched by title. Most results were from IEEE and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Both the IEEE and ACM are industry trusted resources. I enjoyed the research. The databases were easy to find and easy to use. I found plenty of viable and interesting options.