Informational Interview

I enjoyed my interview with Professor Miyazaki. Professor Miyazaki is a computer science professor, and his research interest is theoretical computer science. I have taken three computer science classes with Professor Miyazaki, and he is my favorite professor at Trinity College. The interview lasted about fifteen minutes, and as usual, I learned a lot from Professor Miyazaki. Professor Miyazaki was friendly and very willing to answer my questions. I asked questions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 12, 14, and 15.

I enjoyed learning that Professor Miyazaki’s favorite part of research is being able to prove results with absolute certainty. He said that this is the essence of theoretical computer science. Besides deriving and verifying proofs, research in theoretical computer science involves interpreting and finding new meaning in the work of other scholars. Professor Miyazaki also told me that he often attends lectures and conferences. According to Prof Miyazaki, the skills researchers in his field need most are timeless, namely, an open mind and persistence. I found it interesting that most of Prof Miyazaki’s research begins in an informal manner. He told me that his research typically begins with conversation with colleagues. Together, they chose problems and topics to research. The problems and topics can be mainstream or from the past. The best research topics are original and possess wide appeal. Finally, I found Professor Miyazaki’s response to question 1 to be funny. When I asked Professor Miyazaki why he chose the field of theoretical computer science, he simply replied the he “just liked it.”