Primary Research by Discipline

1. ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Digital Library

2. I chose the ACM Digital Library because I am a computer science major. The ACM is well known as the world’s largest education and scientific computing society. It is a          trusted source in computer science.

3. The ACM Digital Library contains ACM published journals, magazines, proceedings, and books. The ACM journals include top quality submissions from computer science researchers and professionals. The journals include research results contributing new and meaningful information to the field of computer science. The magazines detail popular trends in computer science. They also outline major computing problems that need to be addressed by computer scientists. The proceedings summarize the content of computer science conferences attended and run by researchers. The books include the oral histories of famous computer scientists and dissertations by computing scholars. The ACM Digital Library also allows user to access publications from ACM affiliated organizations.

    4.   Journal: “The science of cyber security experimentation: the DETER project”

I found this journal submission by doing an advanced search in the ACM Digital Library. I typed cyber security in quotes into the search box, and I selected the “title” search option. My goal was to find articles with “cyber security” in the title. This journal submission is an example of primary research in computer science because it details the current advances in cyber security experimentation by the DETER project which started in 2004. It reports original computer science research and ideas.

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