Month: August 2007

New online music collections

The library has recently subscribed to 3 new online music collections spanning world music, classical, and African American folk music. The collections provide music as streaming audio, and represent some of the most renowned artists, composers, and recording labels. For teaching purposes, faculty can easily incorporate the music into their courses by linking to specific selections from Blackboard. All are invited to explore the music collections from the comfort of their own rooms or offices!
The titles of the collections are Smithsonian Global Sound, Classical Music Library, and African American Song. You can find them by going to the Music & Performing Arts subject category in TOR, and then selecting the “Audio & Video” tab. Happy listening!

Library Tours

First-year students can sign up for their library tours by following this link! We look forward to seeing you in the library with mentors in the First-Year program. Library tours are required of first-year students and run from September 5 through September 19. Visit our sign-up page for a complete schedule of tours. Welcome to Trinity!

New Look for the Watkinson Library

We invite you to visit the newly completed renovation of the Watkinson Library reception, reading room and exhibition areas. With this renovation the Watkinson Library’s public space is now truly reflective of the collection of treasures housed there.

Password Authentication in the Library

As part of the overall security measures of Trinity College, the computers in the Library now require password authentication to gain access to the Internet and Trinity’s online resources (TOR). To allow guest access, the Library has set aside several computers on level A.

Library Turnstile

As suggested by the Student Government Association, the Library has installed a turnstile for easier access to the Library and Information Technology center. All Trinity students, staff and faculty can use their ID’s to pass through the turnstile and enter the building. Visitors with appropriate identification will be asked to sign in and will be admitted at the Circulation desk.

Caution: Reading Room Repairs

Leaks in the skylight of the Library’s 1977 addition are being fixed by replacing all of the roof’s glass. This process started in July and should be finished in November. We ask students to use caution and good judgment when near the construction site. Please note that the scaffolding is restricted to use by the construction crew.