Month: September 2010

Keep Your Stuff Safe!

do not leave your valuables unattended! Laptop locks are available for
borrowing at the Circulation Desk so you can secure your computer to
the table top. Keep wallets, cell phones, MP3 players and other
personal items with you at all times. Safer studying is happier

You Had Your Say! Fall Update

This is an update on the progress made on some of the issues raised during 14 Days to Have Your Say, February 2010. All of the original comments plus the updated Library and IT response can be found at Please keep in touch with us about what works and what doesn’t. And you can now send the library an instant message! Go to:

Below, we have listed the original comment in bold, followed by the latest update.

  • Not enough printing dollars: Printing dollars has been raised to $20 per semester.
  • Printers are error-prone: We replaced the card swipes on all Pharos print stations and they seem to be less problematic. Please remember to logoff when you are finished selecting your print jobs, which should speed up the lines for the printers.
  • Need for more study carrels: We purchased 20+ new study carrels, which will be located on Level 2. The existing carrels on Level 2 have been relocated to other parts of the library to provide additional seating options.
  • Need for better lighting: New and brighter bulbs have been installed over the carrels in the 1823 room, as part of an ongoing light audit in the building. Please let us know if there are other areas that need to be addressed besides the northeast section of Level 1, which will be examined soon.
  • A-level computers were too slow: We have changed the virus scanning software used on public PCs which has helped the overall speed of these PCs.
  • Ability to reserve a group study room: You can now do so by going to:
  • Need for a fax machine: We’ve added a second BookScanner, which allows you to email a document. This option is easy and free, and we hope it will work for those instances when you need to send a document.

Database trials now available

We have trial subscriptions to the following electronic resources.  Please see links under ‘Database trials’ for more information.

Newsbank Access WorldNews (beta).  Trial is good for
the fall semester.

Springer ebooks (until 11/15/10)


The Trouble with Google Books

Every tool has its limitations, no matter how amazing or versitile it seems at first blush. Here is a recent article published by about the sometimes rampant errors that were introduced into the information attached to the scanned books–like wrong authors  (a copy of Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert was, according to the info, written by Henry James) and wrong publication dates (Woody Allen is mentioned in 325 books ostensibly published before he was born).  A nice cautionary tale for researchers.

Music streamed to your phone!

You can now listen to music from the Library’s online music collections on your iPhone or Android device. Browse the library’s subscriptions to Classical Music Library and Smithsonian Global Sound on your computer through a single interface called Music Online, and look for a cell phone icon (“Send-to-Mobile”) next to each track, album, or playlist.  Wherever you see that icon you can click it and obtain a “shortlink” to send and enable playback on your mobile device. You can opt to have the shortlink texted to you, emailed, or you can scan the QR code directly from your computer screen.
The music you select will play on your device for the next 48 hours. For more information, see the Music Online help page, or contact Amy Harrell in the Library, Music and Media Services. Enjoy!