Month: May 2011

Research Help – This Sunday

A reference librarian will be on duty this Sunday, May 8, from 1pm to 9pm for research help.  Working on a last minute project?  Stop by and ask questions! 

Fire Alarm Testing 6am Friday 5/6/11

The College will be testing the fire alarm system in the Library on Friday morning May 6, 2011 beginning about 6:00 am. Testing should last two hours or so.

Library Closed to Guests during Reading Days and Final Exams

Due to Reading Days and Final Exams, the Trinity College Library is closed to guest patrons from Wednesday May 4, 2011 through Friday May 13, 2011. The Library will re-open to guests on Monday May 16, 2011.

Patrons with valid Connecticut College or Wesleyan University IDs, as well as Trinity College Library Special Borrower’s Cards, are welcome to use the Library during this time period. Also permitted are researchers who have come specifically to use the Watkinson Library.

New electronic option for depositing senior projects and theses

This year’s graduating seniors now have the option of
electronically depositing their theses or senior projects into the new
Web-based Trinity College Digital Repository. Seniors who take advantage of
this option can choose whether to allow unrestricted open access to their work,
or limit access to the campus community only. Once their work has been
uploaded, it will be a permanent part of the Repository, and identified with a
unique url for future reference. 


In the past, seniors were expected to provide a print, bound
copy of their thesis for inclusion in the College Archives. Seniors may still
pursue this option if they wish. Alternatively, they may choose this new
electronic option, by following the steps below:




Any text-based file format will be accepted
(i.e. Word) and then automatically converted to pdf for publication in the
Repository. If the primary format of the thesis is *not* text,  i.e. video, audio, images, etc., please
contact me first for assistance. (See contact information below)

We recommend that you discuss the two access
options (open access, or Trinity-only) with your advisor. Also remember that
any quoted text, images, music, charts, etc., in the thesis should either be
used under Fair Use guidelines, or by permission from the copyright holder(s)
of the quoted material.

To start the submission process, follow this
and create an account with the Repository software. (This will be different
than your regular Trinity login)

Read through the submission agreement, and
checkmark the box to agree with the terms.

Finally, fill in the fields on the submission
form, including selection of open access or campus-restricted, and upload the
thesis document.

a.       We
recommend submitting the entire text of the thesis as one file. (i.e. combine
all the chapters and appendices into one document)

b.      The
Repository can also accept any supplemental files, in the form of media,
translations, etc. Powerpoint files will be converted to .pdf by the
Repository. At the bottom of the submission form, there is a checkmark box,
which when selected allows you to upload additional files on the next page.

Once I (Repository administrator) approve the
thesis submission, it will be visible on the Repository site. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions,
concerns, or problems. You are free to make an appointment with me to walk
through the submission process if you prefer. 

Amy Harrell
Digital Projects Librarian

Overnight Study Space

There will be addional study spaces left open overnight in the Library starting Reading Days through Final Exams.  They are Levels 2 and 3 of the main reading room, and the adjacent 1823 Room.  These will be in addition to our regular 24-hour study spaces on Levels 1, A, and B.