Month: September 2011

Learn more on Oct. 4 about new Library Programs & Services

October 4, Rittenberg Lounge, 12:15 – 1:15. Bring your lunch, and we will provide the cookies & coffee!

Librarians Amy Harrell, Doris Kammradt, Erin Valentino, & Rick Ring, will talk about the following areas:

  • Trinity College Digital Repository:  Trinity’s new institutional repository raises the visibility of research and creativity generated on campus.
  • New Library Service Point: New directions in library services: we are now “front & center”!
  • Research Associates Program: An opportunity for students to become highly-trained peer mentors for library research.
  • Watkinson Creative Fellowships: Selected students will be invited to explore the collections in the Watkinson, encounter an item or a group of items that spark inspiration, and engage with that material to produce something new. 
  • Webster Book collecting prize: One of the oldest collegiate book collecting prizes in the country!

New WorldCat Interface

WorldCat, a well-known bibliographic database, has a new search interface and several local enhancements.  The most important addition in terms of content is that it now includes article citations.  Initially these citations are being drawn from a few standard indexing databases such as ArticleFirst and PubMed but we will be adding more over time.

In terms of new features, WorldCat now also incorporates information that previously only existed in the Library catalog such as: (1) local location and call number information, (2) CTW holdings and direct links to CTW request forms, and (3) e-journal links to full text content when available.

The WorldCat database is at The old version will remain on the Library’s list of “Online Resources by Title” under the label “WorldCat (Classic)” until it is no longer supported by the vendor.

Media center updates

Past users of our audio and video collections on Level 1 will note two changes this semester.  Media material being held for course reserves and group viewing room keys will now be available at our main service desk on Level A.  If you need headphones for either listening to course reserves or general use, they are now available at both locations.

The desk in the Media Center will stay in place for now for music reserves and as a check-out point for the other media collections.  The individual playback stations in the back of the room remain open on a first-come basis, just remember to borrow or bring your headphones.

Announcing the Trinity College Digital Repository

The Library is pleased to announce the establishment of an institutional repository, which will showcase and provide ready access to selected scholarly and creative works by the Trinity College community. It will also function as an online archive and digital library, featuring materials from the Watkinson Library and Archives. The Repository is currently accessed from the main Library Web site or by visiting

Since the initial software set-up with Bepress Digital Commons in Spring 2011, the Repository has been populated with a variety of materials so that we may explore the range of formats it may accommodate and demonstrate its potential capacity to members of the campus. This charter content of the Repository includes the following:

  • 30+ senior theses and projects from the class of 2011 and earlier.
  • 40+ faculty authored papers, taken largely from Open Access journals.
  • Papers, oral histories, videos, and archival documents that support Jack Dougherty’s On The Line Web book, and the Cities, Suburbs, and Schools Project.
  • Selected conference papers and presentations from the CTL’s conference on “Teaching Millennials in the New Millennium.”
  • Photos from the Center for Urban and Global Studies Study-away photo contest.
  • This year’s issue of the Trinity Papers.
  • The last 2 years worth of the First Year Papers.
  • The Holland WWII Diaries, including scanned images of the diaries, a full transcription, and background information, provided by the Trinity Archives.
  • A compilation of emails, articles, blogs, and photos, relating to the April 2011 protest against racism on campus.
  • 235 ornithology images by Herbert Keightley Job, digitized and cataloged by Image Collections & Services, from the original lantern slides held in the Watkinson Library.
  • 110 archival photos of the Trinity Chapel construction, 1930-1932.

All materials in the Repository are full-text searchable, and easily found through Google unless restricted to on-campus access only. Faculty and thesis authors may easily upload their own work if they wish, or submit via Amy Harrell, who is the Repository curator. Authors have access to download statistics, and will likely find that uploading their work to an institutional repository results in significantly increased visibility for their research. Each work is assigned a unique and permanent URL, so they may be easily referenced on CVs, applications, resumes, or bibiliographies.

The Digital Repository will undoubtedly evolve over time as it stretches to accommodate the materials and authors who contribute to it. Feedback regarding content and its organization, policies, workflows, or other matters, from the Trinity community is welcomed – in fact, crucial – as we determine how best to organize the material and put the Repository to use in raising the visibility of the creativity and scholarship that grows from this campus.

There are two upcoming scheduled opportunities to learn more about this project: The Library will be giving a Common Hour presentation covering major new programs and services, including the Repository, on Tuesday October 4th at 12:15 in the Rittenberg Lounge. This will be a bring-your-own lunch event, with dessert and coffee provided. On October 13 at 4:30, we will host a reception in the Phelan room of the library, to which faculty and staff are invited for conversation and demonstrations of the Digital Repository. Please direct any feedback and questions to Amy Harrell, Digital Projects Librarian.