In April 2020, the ILL staff opted to join an emergency COVID-19 initiative that our resource sharing partner, Rapid ILL, had set up. This initiative was to help support libraries across the world that may not have the same funding or access to resources as we do. Collectively, this helped to support the resource sharing efforts of over 200 libraries in 30 countries. These libraries were able to obtain materials for their users that would have been difficult, if not impossible, to obtain otherwise. At the end of the project, nearly 35,000 requests were filled for non-Rapid ILL libraries. Trinity alone was able to process 233 of these requests between April and August on top of our own normal request load.  Much of this effort is attributed to the work done by our ILL staff members: Marcelino Velez, Jose Pena, and Josef Riccio. Thank you to everyone involved in this effort!