Resources for History of Psychology

  • One link to Classics
  • First 6 years of American Journal of Psychology
  • Archives of the History of Psychology  University of Akron, Akron, Ohio
  • Two of the early journals to publish articles that became important in the history of psychology are the Journal of Philosophy, Psychology, and Scientific Methods (begins in 1904) and Mind (begins in 1876). The Trinity library has access to electronic versions of both of these going back to their very first issues. I cannot put a direct link to them on the syllabus. To get them, you need to go first to the Trinity Library, which is linked here, then search the catalogue for the journal. Under the “Catalogs” tab, write the name of the journal and select “Journal Title Begins with” in the Dropdown menu. Once you have found the entry in the catalogue, you’ll see that one of the listings is for the JSTOR electronic version. JSTOR also is available as one of the “Popular databases” under the “Databases” tab.
  • PsycInfo. The main database for articles in psychology. It also must be accessed through the Trinity Library. Go to the tab marked “Databases.” Psycinfo is shown on the right as a “popular database.”  As I said above, JSTOR is also on that list.
  • Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences. A main journal specializing in history, mostly of psychology. Just type in the name of the journal in the Trinity catalogue listing on the library home page. Indicate that it is a journal title. Electronically available from 1989. Older issues are in hard copy on the C Floor of the library.
  • The American Psychological Association. This page (past the Home page) lists the Divisions of the APA, to show you just how many subdivisions there are in American psychology. Under “More info” at Divisions 4 and 11, you can get a brief history of various divisions.
  • The Association for Psychological Science. Why does this organization exist?

Expanded History of Psychology Reading List.  See the tab at the top of the page.

Classics in Psychology
Huge archive of online books and articles. Indispensable for this course

Autobiographies available immediately on the Web