During our 2014-2015 season, my teammates, coaches and I “drafted” a young, chronically ill female and her family to our women’s lacrosse team via Team Impact. Team Impact, as explained by its mission statement is a program in which collegiate athletic teams adopt terminally or chronically ill children in hopes of restoring their morale, attitude, while improving their quality of life both socially and psychologically.

I was chosen to serve as one of seven team advocates for our newest teammate. As an advocate I communicate directly with our new teammate and her parents, assuring that they feel comfortable and welcomed throughout their two year contract. More specifically, I helped coordinate her “draft day”, which included a mock signing to our team, the presenting of a brand-new stick and jersey, a tour of our athletic facility, and a subsequent team dinner. As this is a two-year commitment, in which there is no “off-season”, the other advocates and I are responsible for maintaining contact and communication throughout our off-season, during our athletic season, and over the summer.