The fall of my sophomore year I enrolled in Intro to American Public Policy with Renny Fulco. My intention was to further my knowledge that I had previous obtained in my intro level American National Government course. However, as the semester went on, I not only cultivated a relationship with the professor, but I also gained an appreciation for the subject as a whole, and later concluded that I would major in Public Policy & Law.

The Public Policy and law major allows me to analyze problems that affect our country and others, and devise various solutions for those problems. For example, for one assignment we were asked to construct an essay regarding the policy responses to the Ebola outbreak in the United States. Within this essay, Professor Fulco asked us to identify the various proposed solutions to the problem, analyze them, and later choose what we believed to be the best fit. The skill of problem analysis is something that I have unknowingly developed over the course of my life, and have further developed by taking this course.

I look forward to serving as the teaching assistance for this course during the fall of my senior year, as I will be studying abroad during the fall of my junior year.