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    As we leave Thanksgiving behind, Finals season creeps in. We are now at the end of the semester and finals are about to start on December 14th! As work starts to pile up, students wind up spending an unfortunate […]

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    Right before thanksgiving break every year, ACES, the community service club on campus, holds their annual thanksgiving drive. They ask for any donations people are willing to make, whether that be money, or food. […]

  • Family Weekend typically falls on the second or third weekend in October. It is nicely timed between the two busy midterm weeks, which offers stressed students the relief of spending time with their families. […]

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    Trinity Days, or Trin days as they are better known to students, is the first break students get after the commencement of the first semester back at school. Usually taking place in the fall around the beginning […]

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    Recently, I was helping a prospective student find his way around campus. He commented on how beautiful campus was and his mother was asking questions. One of the questions she asked, and one that is a source of […]

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  • Given the size of Trinity’s campus (2,350 students), the a cappella community is extremely prevalent. In total, there are 5 groups on campus. The Accidentals, better known as the Dents, are the only all-male […]