• While I was applying to colleges, I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted my school to look like. I already knew that I wanted to attend a small liberal arts college in an urban area. Therefore, my search was […]

  • Living in a small city can have its advantages, especially around holidays. Hanging out around Harwith friends is so convenient considering that there are not that many miles to walk through. Hartford is a vibrant […]

  • Saturday mornings at Trinity are some of my favorite moments here at Trinity. I sleep right next to the window, and I am able to wake up around 9am by light sun rays coming through the glass. Waking up on a […]

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    While I was applying to schools, I thought that I wanted to get as far away from Connecticut as possible. After all, college is supposed to be when you fully leave the nest and start becoming an adult. As a […]

  • Being a college student can be hard sometimes. After all, you have to keep track of homework, class, and keep up a social life. At least we have technology to help us deal with the daily college life. As a Trinity […]

  • During my college application process, I often thought about a school that placed importance on the arts. For me art is the best form of expression because I often do not even have to open my mouth to say one […]