• I really stepped out of my comfort zone for this one. I knew I really wanted to join a club when I got to college. My favorite teacher in high school told me that the most important thing to do when you get to […]

  • In my Caribbean History class I was determined to get an A on the first exam. History has always been by strongest subject so I was confident I could do it. I was not naive. I knew a college history course would […]

  • I tagged along with Professor Barlow and some students in our Seminar to East-West Grill. It is a restaurant that offers Thai food in a diner atmosphere. At first glance the place looked like it served burgers and milkshakes with its checkered table cloths and red booths. You don’t quite realize this is a Thai food restaurant until you are given a menu.

    The menu features three pages of classic Thai dishes as well as some that I’d never heard of before. I was adamant about the table order an appetizer of potstickers, seeing as they are my favorite. However, it took awhile for me to figure out what I wanted for my main course. I think the table shared my struggle seeing that we told the waitress we needed a minute twice. Finally, after trying branch out and try something new I gave up and ordered Pad Thai with chicken. While we were waiting for our meals the waitress brought out a plate of chips. These chips were puffy and yellow-ish. At first they did not look appetizing but after trying one I could not stop eating them!

    My meal was good. It tasted like a traditional Pad Thai meal that one could order at any Thai restaurant. I ordered extra limes to give it an extra zesty flavor which added to my enjoyment of the meal. East-West Grill is a great restaurant with a great atmosphere. I would highly recommend it.

  • Trinity Restaurant is located walking distance from Campus, parallel to the Long Walk. It only took my friend, Alyson, and me about five minutes to walk there from our dorm. Upon entering I was surprised by the upscale aura of the restaurant. I did not expect such a vibe. The place was simply decorated, giving it a very chic from homey feel.

    I was especially pleased with the menu. It featured everyone’s favorite Italian entrees. I ordered the Chicken Parmesan and Alyson ordered the Chicken Piccata, which was not on the menu but they made specially for her. This signified to me the authenticity of the Italian staff that they were able to whip up any Italian meal without trouble. We both thoroughly enjoyed our huge meals and could barely finish, but decided to persevere and scrape our plates clean. Everyone should venture slightly off campus and support this delicious restaurant!

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    On Wednesday, October 16th, I attended the Trinity varsity soccer game against Western Connecticut State. It was a nice day to watch a soccer game, hardly jacket weather! I walked over with a friend from […]

  • My first adventure into Hartford was to Feng, an Asian and sushi restaurant in the downtown area. I signed up to go with Caroline, my first-year mentor, who took four of us in her car. The drive was short, although the rush hour traffic made it seem longer. During it I was surprised to see so many other nice restaurants and places to go. Caroline pointed out some of her favorite places in downtown Hartford such as a sub place and a concert venue.

    Upon arriving at Feng we first realized it was oddly located right next to another sushi restaurant. Feng had a much more trendy, dark, and ethnic vibe to it than the place next door, signally to the group that this had, indeed, been the right decision.

    We ordered edamame and dumplings as an appetizer, which I usually do at sushi places back home. In addition to that appetizer Caroline also ordered us crab stuffed wontons. I had never had them before but I would definitely recommend them, especially the sauce they come with. We decided to order five rolls to share as a table, rather than ordering our own. The rolls ranged from a kiwi avocado roll to the Angry Dragon roll, the latter being the table favorite (we ordered another after finishing the first!). I found some of the rolls unusual, with unidentifiable toppings, but ate them anyway and found them to be good in a unique way. The sushi tasted very authentic, much more so than the variety at the dining hall. I enjoyed this off-campus activity very much and would definitely go back with friends or my parents!

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