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Part of the Experiment

For my Psychology class we are required to participate in an academic research project; in which we are the subjects. Again, this idea of me being the “lab rat” and having to do whatever the experimenter said and being judged for my performance scared me…a lot. I learned that when you think long and hard about an experiment and the small deceits and white lies that are told can alter results drastically. I had already known that I was very self-conscious and worried about how I did on a test, project, or anything else really and always wondered how I did and if my performance was sufficient, but I didn’t understand just how afraid I would be. I felt integral to her experiment and felt as though everything I said and everything I did was very important and therefore I became more comfortable with the idea that there was no wrong answer.

I had already been extremely interested in psychology and pursing it as a potential major, but after being a part of this research project, that this psych student created herself, I became even more excited. I started to think more about how people think and how different people react to different situations and noises and colors. I began looking into other opportunities involving psych-related things and that again only excited me more.

I realized that I wanted to make more time to participate in internships or other opportunities like that one I had been a part of and that without this requirement I would have been unaware of the opportunities that the psych major makes available. Overall, I think this experience, although terrifying in the beginning, allowed me the opportunity to think of my own idea for a research project and allowed me the ability to become more confident in the career I want to pursue.

Facing a Fear

An academic experience/project I had in my freshman seminar class was that of the interviews. I must admit when I was told I’d have to conduct a number of interviews and transcribe them afterwards, I pretty much froze in my seat. For as long as I can remember I have been a rather shy person… Read More