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Unconventional Semester

I have had a bit of an unconventional semester and therefore don’t have a lot of outside of the classroom activities. After getting my concussion and missing a lot of classes I was forced to kick my own butt and go into hyperdrive to get my work done and finish my classes. Needless to say this was a huge challenge that I am still continuing to try and overcome. I learned that as long as I put myself 100% into a cause I am able to accomplish most of what I am trying to complete. I also realized that without many of these hardships, I wouldn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and what was truly important to me. When you’re given a choice to make and you have no say in the matter, you’re forced to choose the things that truly matter to you and then learn a lot about yourself in that same process. I must admit I surprised myself a lot but at the same time I disappointed myself. It has been a very bitter-sweet experience.

These experiences have further interested me in the field of therapy and psychiatry, especially with children and adults who have faced many troubles throughout their lives. I have been looking for organizations to help children who have experienced mental or physical disabilities. I had to learn how to best manage my time with the amount of work I had yet to finish. This experience, although painful, allowed me to think more about what I wanted to do as opposed to what I was required to do to complete a certain requirement or meet a certain quota.

Part of the Experiment

For my Psychology class we are required to participate in an academic research project; in which we are the subjects. Again, this idea of me being the “lab rat” and having to do whatever the experimenter said and being judged for my performance scared me…a lot. I learned that when you think long and hard… Read More

Facing a Fear

An academic experience/project I had in my freshman seminar class was that of the interviews. I must admit when I was told I’d have to conduct a number of interviews and transcribe them afterwards, I pretty much froze in my seat. For as long as I can remember I have been a rather shy person… Read More