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Research Findings

Through out my research of water resources, I decided to focus more on things such as water shortages as well the interesting fact that people believe they may be helping the water shortage problems, but are actually hurting it as well as hurting the environment by putting up dams. One of the most interesting pieces… Continue Reading

Annotated Bibliography

The annotated bibliography assignment was extremely helpful because it gave me the chance to actually find sources that were going to help my research efforts. If I weren’t given an assignment to create a bibliography with five sources that was going to help my research, I think I would have ended up with far too… Continue Reading

Research Reflection

For my research topic I chose water resources because it has many different variations you can talk about and all of them are very relevant and are problems through out the world. Finding sources at first seemed to be very difficult because there are so many different things you can use for your sources. When… Continue Reading

Hydraulic Fracturing part 2

The reason that I chose this piece from our class was because it is something that is very important and very relevant in todays society because oil fracturing is something that effects our environment. When first attending our class at the beginning of the year, I thought that the class would be mostly about the… Continue Reading

Hydraulic Fracturing

Over the course of our existence here on earth, we have been looking for new and innovative ways to do things. We look to make things more environmentally healthy, such as hybrid and electric cars. We look to make things easier than ever before, you can do things today that were unimaginable fifty, even twenty… Continue Reading

Idea of place part 2

The piece that I used from another class for our portfolio assignment is from my rhetoric 101 class, and it is tiled “Heaven in Hartford” for an assignment we had to write on platemaking in the city of Hartford. The reason I used this was because as soon as I was reading the instructions for… Continue Reading

The Idea of Place

Heaven in Hartford There are a lot of attributes that go into making a place a place. There are places that bring peace to people, or places that excite people. I visited Heaven Skatepark in downtown Hartford. It was not at all what I was expecting, and that was a good thing. Heaven skatepark is… Continue Reading