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“Conducting Scholarly Research in Religion”

Religion is the major I will be concentrating on. There are a few religion databases—www.worldreligiondatabase.org, ATLA Religion Database, etc.—and all were either connected with a particular university or required a paid membership.  With limited resources, the two databases I chose were JSTOR and google scholar, and the topic searched up was “The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.”  Because this Islamic movement is associated with countries in the Middle East, I specified “…in Egypt.”  To make it interesting, I decided to look up scholarly articles from 1990 to 2015.  As a result, the JSTOR gave me over 135,000 search results, but it did not have many scholarly articles in Egypt, instead, it had articles that dealt with Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and other countries. And the article I chose was Ziad Munson’s Islamic Mobilization: Social Movement Theory and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

Muslim Brotherhood

To make a comparison with the results from Google Scholar, I submitted the same information from JSTOR.  Google scholar had over 15,000 search results and mainly focused on the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  And the article I used was John Walsh’s Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.  Comparing JSTOR and google scholar, I find google scholar more effective with searching religious topics.  Both pieces of work are assuredly scholarly articles because they have references/citations, the institution’s name of where the work was published, and the publication date.  Hence, these are effective scholarly articles because the abstract section informs me of what the paper is affiliated with.  The structure of the works are organized into sections at which I am able to understand and make connections with external topics.