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The new project in Microprocessor

After we finished the binary clock project, we moved on to a new project. The name of the project is call Servo Motor control by Pulse-Width-Modulation. So basically, we have to control a servo motor to turn not just simply by giving direct order but by changing an analog input. In out case, we will use a variable resistor’s resistance as input. (Variable resistor is a device that can easily change its resistance) The variable resistor will be connected to an Analog to Digital converter, which will transform the changing analog input value to a digital signal. The digital signal will be read by the 8051 micro-controller, and the micro-controller will base on this information to give orders to motor to turn. LCD is also connected to the controller, the controller will give two pieces of information to the LCD to display. The LCD will display it duty cycle and angular speed. 1.pic

One thing worth to be mentioned during the engineering lab

I have mentioned the stopwatch and timer project in the previous post. Therefore, I would like to talk about some interesting things happened during this project.

First of all, it was not an easy task to finish this project, because we had to first design the schematic of the whole system and then we have to solder the system, in the mean time, we have to program the chip to achieve the functionality. My lab partner and I worked closely in every step.

After we finish soldering our system, we found out that our LED display was not working. We checked our code with other group and it worked in other group’s system but ours. We had to check the signal from every single wire, but we did not find any problem. After we spent a day, we realized the main chip was broken. After we replaced the broken chip with a new chip, the problem solved.

I admit that I wanted to give up at some point, because it was very frustrating when I had no idea what was wrong with the system.  However, my lab partner and I tough it through and made the system to work.

I want to say we have to believe in ourselves, and do not give up.


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