PBPL Federalism Course and Their Study of COVID-19 Featured By Trinity

By Brendan W. Clark ’21


Public Policy and Law Program Director Renny Fulco and the students of her “Federalism and Public Policy” course were recently featured by Trinity College for their continued study of COVID-19 and how federalism plays a role in dictating government efforts to combat the virus.

Speaking as a current (and very proud!) PBPL student in the federalism course, we’ve been receiving news articles regularly from Professor Fulco; we receive a curated, weekly selection of stories on COVID-19 from TA extraordinaire Dayna Vadala ’21; and Professor Fulco and Dayna are working to organize a discussion this weekend about the virus and federal and state responses via Zoom.

Before Trinity shifted to remote learning at the start of March, Professor Fulco also quickly adapted to ensure that COVID discussion and the federal response figured prominently in our discussions.

You can check out the post on Trinity’s website here or view the LinkedIn post below. Please join the conversation with many of our program’s outstanding alums and check out what they’re saying in our gallery below, too!

Even as our Public Policy and Law family is apart, the lessons learned in the program continue to remain as relevant as ever.


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