Forest Foundation Summer Fellowship Program

As I was applying to internships for the summer going into my senior year, I encountered a wide variety of opportunities, varying from working for the Olympics Committee to working for marketing agencies; however, the internship opportunity that really struck my eye was the Forest Foundation Fellowship Program. The Forest Foundation grants 50 students each summer the opportunity to work for a non-profit in the Greater Boston area. All 50 of the students selected are then paired with a non-profit agency whose mission matches the students interests and skill sets. In order to be selected for a ten-week internship through the Forest Foundation, students are required to have been involved in extensive amounts of community service. After undergoing the application process, I was ecstatic to have been informed that I was one of the fifty students to take part in such a great opportunity. The process of finding an internship was not fully complete however, and the last step involved selecting which non-profit I would like to work for this summer. After extensive research, I came to the conclusion that I would work for the non-profit, Prep@Pingree. Click here to find out more about my internship at Prep@Pingree.