PP_Year-End_Report_Web_ImageThis past Summer, Summer 2015, I had the amazing opportunity of working for Prep@Pingree, a non-profit academic enrichment program for seventh and eighth grade students from Lynn and Lawrence, Massachusetts. I was granted this opportunity through the Forest Foundation Summer Fellowship Program. Prior to applying for this fellowship, I was uncertain whether or not I would be interested in working for a non-profit. After experiencing the non-profit sector, I recognize that being involved in the community is something I may want to continue after graduation. While a Summer Intern at Prep@Pingree, I performed several different jobs. My main focus and end goal for the summer was to create a database of Prep@Pingree alumni since the program was established fourteen years ago. Creating a database certainly came with obstacles. In order to successfully fill in missing contact information, I had to reach out to past alumni and ask them several questions about themselves. These questions included asking for their cell-phone numbers, education history, and addresses. Although, such a job may sound relatively easy, performing this task was much more difficult than I would have originally thought. I had to strategize the best way to go about getting in contact with the alumni. At first, I decided to get in contact with all alumni that I possibly could via Facebook. Next, if I could not reach them over Facebook, I called them at home. Although, I typically did not work directly with the children, I did get to spend time with them on field trips. Working for Prep@Pingree was such a great learning experience.