Public Policy Project

In my first semester sophomore year, I took a psychology class called Child Development. This class was one of the more challenging courses that I have taken at Trinity, but I learned a lot about myself as a result. Over the course of the semester, we were assigned to work with a partner on a public policy project.

The project that we conducted was categorized under the topic of childhood psychopathologies. The overall goal of the assignment was to find a solution to something we have found to be a problem in the city of Hartford. Initially, the problem that my partner, Chelsea and I were trying to solve was child and teen eating disorders as a whole; however, with further research it became to clear to us that in the city of Hartford, obesity in particular was a growing concern. Chelsea and I created a proposal for an after school program for middle school students in Hartford. The goal of our program was to teach children about healthy eating in hopes of changing their lifestyle.

Through this, I learned just how much I love to help others, in particular children. Although this after school program was not actually implemented, in the next two years, I hope I can further my ideas and plans and actually implement such a program.