Studying Abroad: Fall 2014

IMG_4900This coming Fall 2014, I have the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Prague. I will be studying in Prague on a program called CIEE. CIEE is a study abroad company that sends students from the United States to a variety of countries. Deciding to study abroad was a difficult decision for me. I am very close with my family and worried about the four months being in another country.

Ultimately, I have decided to study abroad because I know the positive aspects will outweigh any homesickness I may feel. Both my brothers studied abroad in Europe and told me it would be silly not to take part in such an amazing opportunity. As the departure gets closer and closer, I have thought about just what I want to get out of my experience. In Prague, I look forward to be being able to have the chance to explore a totally different culture. I am excited to take a variety of classes in a different country. I look forward to learning about the Czech culture through the courses I take. In addition, I am excited to travel. When again in my life, will I have the opportunity to explore all over Europe like I will in the Fall? As the month of August gets closer and closer, I know I will become more and more nervous; however, I will just need to remind myself of all the positive reasons that I decided to go. Check back in in January to see a post about my experience!