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The Beacon

Reading, listening to, or watching the news is a part of my everyday life, so when I was given the opportunity to write for my high school newspaper The Beacon, I jumped at the chance. Our newspaper was designed, written and edited by students. In order to write for the newspaper you had to be… Read More

Sociology 101

When picking classes for my first semester of college I had absolutely no idea what to take. I immediately sent out emails to my family and friends who were in college or recently graduated asking for advice. My sister suggested I take a sociology class and thus I ended up in Sociology 101. As an… Read More

Research Interviewing

My first-year seminar Dang Decis or Cheerful Choices sparked an interest in interviewing. This led me to take Research Interviewing in which I worked on the Senior-Exit Interview Project. Senior-exit interviews are extremely important because they provide the College with qualitative data about different students' experiences at Trinity. The questions range from asking about the… Read More

First-Year Seminar

Dang Decis or Cheerful Choices was my first-year seminar. This seminar explored the process of decision making, focusing on how it applied to college related decisions. Throughout the course we conducted several interviews and transcribed each one. We asked questions such as how they decided upon Trinity College, their major, and their choice to, or… Read More