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Clubs & Organizations

Despite having very little free time with a rigorous academic and athletic schedule for the entirety of my four years at Trinity, I still found room to engage in the vast opportunities to join some of the clubs and organizations that the school has to offer. I became a Brother of the Alpha Delta Phi… Read More

Summer Abroad in Rome

As an athlete, I had to make the tough decision of not studying abroad in the Fall of my Junior year at Trinity. However, Trinity offers the unique opportunity to study abroad at the end of each academic school year, and I was able to spend an amazing three weeks in Rome. I took a… Read More

Reacting to Current Events

For most academic subjects, I think one of the most engaging and important things that I was assigned throughout my time at Trinity was having to make reactions to current events by drawing on the respective course material. Even I can admit that sometimes, the process of studying can be a little more memorization, than… Read More

The “A” Paper

Having majored in Political Science, I have written a lot of papers in my past four years, and throughout my academic career, I am proud to say that my largest growth curve in terms of writing has been a result of my academic experience at Trinity. Though this isn't the final product of my 31… Read More


This post is available on my site for those that simply don't have the extra hours in the day to expend on learning everything about me! So, here is a fully updated, and fully accurate resume.  … Read More

Thinking Like a Politician

This is a short piece that I wrote my Junior year in a class called "American Political Parties." The assignment was to choose a specific topic from the Republican and Democratic platforms for the 2012 Presidential election, highlight each parties view on the issue, and then formulate our own argument.  … Read More

My Research Skills

Prior to my years at Trinity, I had only written one formal research paper. Now, with a degree under my belt (almost), I can proudly say that research papers are not the beast that I once thought they were. I have utilized the many resources that are available to students at Trinity when it came… Read More

I Can Be Creative Too

Though my major in Political Science didn't necessarily help me express my creative side, the beauty of undergoing a liberal arts education and taking a variety of classes outside of my major did. During my sophomore year, I elected to take a course on the HBO hit show, The Wire. By reflecting on the show, we addressed… Read More