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Research & Critical Thinking

Reacting to Current Events

For most academic subjects, I think one of the most engaging and important things that I was assigned throughout my time at Trinity was having to make reactions to current events by drawing on the respective course material. Even I can admit that sometimes, the process of studying can be a little more memorization, than… Read More

The “A” Paper

Having majored in Political Science, I have written a lot of papers in my past four years, and throughout my academic career, I am proud to say that my largest growth curve in terms of writing has been a result of my academic experience at Trinity. Though this isn't the final product of my 31… Read More

Thinking Like a Politician

This is a short piece that I wrote my Junior year in a class called "American Political Parties." The assignment was to choose a specific topic from the Republican and Democratic platforms for the 2012 Presidential election, highlight each parties view on the issue, and then formulate our own argument.  … Read More

My Research Skills

Prior to my years at Trinity, I had only written one formal research paper. Now, with a degree under my belt (almost), I can proudly say that research papers are not the beast that I once thought they were. I have utilized the many resources that are available to students at Trinity when it came… Read More