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March 22, 2013 | 3 Comments

Ralph Sinsheimer ’77 loves music. Sitting in Solaris LLC, where he is a partner, I was surprised that one of the first things he wanted to tell me was that he loves psychedelic, a-tonal, and American styles. I asked him if he is still able to have music be a part of his life as a partner at a wealth management firm. Sinsheimer does not skip a beat and says, “Absolutely, I go to concerts all the time.”

Sinsheimer had two stand-out memories from Trinity. He loved his experience on the Rome campus, and being the Program director at WRTC 89.3. After Trinity he started his career in the music industry. However, he felt that he had to give up some of his passions and beliefs in order to keep up in the business, so he decided a leave. A listener and a reader, he moved on to publishing. Sinsheimer worked at Random House and graduated from NYU with an MBA.

Ultimately what was most important for Sinsheimer was a positive office culture rooted in trust and purity. Nine years ago he had a vision to start his own firm which is now, Solaris Group LLC. Solaris Group is a global wealth strategy and asset management firm. They work with high net worth families and organizations. What sets them apart is their absolute commitment to each individual client.

Sinsheimer taught me that a pure career can mean doing a lot of different things. It’s not what you’re doing, but how you do it. Sinsheimer says, “a career can be a haphazard evolutionary thing.” He explains that we can always do a better job, but we can’t always do what we love—unless you make it a priority.

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