Psycholinguistics Laboratory

Dept. of Psychology, Trinity College

Psycholinguistics Laboratory

Research Assistants

Working in a research laboratory is a unique experience that gives students insight to the scientific process, data collection and analysis, and the dissemination of experimental results. The Psycholinguistics Lab typically has 2-5 students per semester who work as RAs (research assistants), mostly for academic credit at Trinity or other institutions.


Below is a list of the kinds of duties RAs in the lab take on. If you’d be interested in becoming an RA, contact Dr. Casserly or fill out an application! Positions are organized around the academic calendar: Fall semester, Spring semester, and summer. Indicate interest early, especially for summer – we can fill up fast!


Typical RA duties

  • Learn to view, edit, and work with acoustic recordings
  • Prepare stimuli (audio/AV media) for use in experiments
  • Administer experiments in the lab
  • Recruit participants
  • Read articles, books or manuscripts related to research being conducted in the lab
  • Collect, analyze, and discuss experimental data
  • Gather and present research findings to the lab group


Fill out an application to indicate your interest in the lab!