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  1. This is so great Allie! I think your research question was really interesting and results are really applicable I wonder if you would find differences in problem solving strategies across students across different colleges, or different types of colleges? I think that could be a really interesting follow-up study!

  2. Yay Allie! You did an amazing job. I think looking into personality and academic major choice is really interesting and is often not considered when differentiating problem solving strategies. I was surprised to hear that gender was not a significant finding at first but there seemed to be a gender disparity in how many of each participated so maybe this also could have contributed to this lack of significance. I like how you ended with that we all problem solve differently and that switching strategies might be beneficial in terms of how we can successfully solve problems in a speedier manner. Great job!!

  3. Hi Allie,

    I like your poster! It’s very clean and clear. I especially like that pavlovia head. You also include some qualitative data — the participants’ responses — which I think is very helpful in helping me understand the participants’ reactions to the test. Your findings also contain practical meanings and it is always exciting to see how findings in psychology could be used to answer real-life questions.

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