1954 – 1961

Table of Contents 1954 – 1961

  1. Ordinal Stimulation and the Possibility of a Global Psychophysics
  2. Motion Parallax and Motion Perspective in Visual Perception
  3. Long-Standing Paradoxes in Visual Perception, which Purport to be resolved by a “Global Stimulus” Theory of Perception
  4. Note on the Concept of “Stimulus”
  5. Note on the Responses of the Eye to Focusable Light
  6. Note on “Unstructured” Stimulation
  7. Proposed Set of Non-contradictory Assumptions about the Nature of stimuli
    The Use of the Word “Stimulus”: Conclusions of the Survey
  8. Schematic Perception
  9. Outline of a New Attempt to Classify the Senses and the Sensory Inputs
  10. On the Functions of Stimuli and Responses
  11. Areas for Basic Research in Perception Contemplated at Cornell
  12. The Accuracy of Form Discrimination with Three Types of Tactual Input: Passive, Moving, and Active
  13. A List of the Sources of Potential Stimulation in the Terrestrial Environment – the Ordinary Causes of Actual Stimulation