Band Of Brothers

Marlynn and Bill Scully '61Photo by Marina Verola
Marlynn and Bill Scully ’61
Photo by Marina Verola

Time and distance have no boundaries, as evidenced by four Trinity alumni and Alpha Delta Phi brothers. In 2011, Marlynn and Bill Scully ’61 made a significant endowment gift to Trinity and established The Vietnam Veterans Recognition Scholarship Fund, a need-based scholarship, in honor of six members of the Trinity family who served during the Vietnam War. This spring, the Scullys added another endowed fund to include three more honorees: Dr. Warren Kessler ’62, Judson Robert ’62, and Jeffrey Chandor ’64.

Bill Scully and the new honorees share a special brotherly bond, and their friendships have stood the test of time. All four were members of Alpha Delta Phi and have kept in touch over the years through Reunions and annual fall gatherings in Vero Beach, Florida, Scully’s home state.

Establishing a second fund further cemented the Scullys’ commitment to their noble cause. “Marlynn and I wanted to honor the Trinity grads who served our country and provide the College with an opportunity to offer scholarship aid to worthy potential scholars,” said Scully. The Scullys now have eight endowed funds at Trinity, and in 2010, they were included on the Wall of Honor, celebrating their lifetime philanthropy.

The honorees’ call to duty is truly inspirational. Kessler served one year in the U.S. Navy with MCB-3 in Da Nang, caring for his battalion and providing medical care for numerous orphanages. Robert, a U.S. Marine Corps captain, was assigned to the Force Logistics Group in Da Nang, providing supplies and forming perimeter security at the Da Nang airstrip. Chandor, a U.S. Army lieutenant, was awarded two Bronze Stars: one for heroism in ground combat and the other for meritorious achievement with hostile forces.

Kessler, now a retired urologist after practicing medicine in San Diego for more than 40 years, is deeply touched to be among the honorees. “Bill is a warm, kind, and most successful person,” he said. “Trinity is fortunate to have him share his success.”

Read about the Scullys’ first Vietnam Veterans Recognition Scholarship Fund in the fall 2011 Trinity Reporter.