Recent Publications


Public Trials: Burke, Zola, Arendt, and the Politics of Lost Causes
Lida Maxwell, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Oxford University Press, 2015; 235 pages

Classical Myth on Screen
Edited by Meredith E. Safran, Assistant Professor of Classics, and Monica S. Cyrino
Palgrave Macmillan, 2015; 257 pages

Public Discourses of Contemporary China: The Narration of the Nation in Popular Literatures, Film, and Television
Yipeng Shen, Assistant Professor of Language and Culture Studies and International Studies
Palgrave Macmillan, 2015; 227 pages

Apparitions: Architecture That Has Disappeared from Our Cities
T. John Hughes ’68
The Images Publishing Group, 2015; 156 pages

In the Aftermath of Grief
Harper Follansbee, Jr. ’71
Antrim House, 2015; 73 pages

Ocean and Coastal Law and Policy
Donald C. Baur ’76, Tim Eichenberg, Georgia Hancock Snusz, and Michael Sutton
American Bar Association, 2015; 898 pages

The Euthanist
Alex Dolan ’93
Diversion Books, 2015; 272 pages

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