The Activity Kit for Babies and Toddlers at Risk: How to Use Everyday Routines to Build Social and Communication Skills
Molly Helt, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience; Deborah Fein; Lynn Brennan; and Marianne Barton
The Guilford Press, 2016; 240 pages

Remoteness and Modernity: Transformation and Continuity in Northern Pakistan
Shafqat Hussain, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Yale University Press, 2015; 262 pages

The Road Taken: The History and Future of America’s Infrastructure
Henry Petroski H’97
Bloomsbury, 2016; 323 pages

Tending the Spirits: The Shamanic Experience in Northeastern Laos
Ellison Banks Findly, Scott M. Johnson ’97 Distinguished Professor of Religion
White Lotus Press, 2016; 250 pages

The Ramadi Affair
The Honorable Barry Schaller, Visiting Lecturer in Public Policy and Law
QP Books, 2016; 320 pages

My Train to Freedom: A Jewish Boy’s Journey from Nazi Europe to a Life of Activism
Ivan A. Backer, Former Director of the Office of Community Affairs
Skyhorse Publishing, 2016; 188 pages

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