Michael A. Moraski ’72 Memorial Scholar Ian Robinson ’16

Michael A. Moraski ’72 Memorial Scholar Ian Robinson ’16

Major: international studies: Asian studies

Minor: Chinese language

Hometown: Juneau, Alaska

Awards and honors during your college career: Faculty Honors

Extracurricular activities: men’s crew; member, The Trinity Accidentals; member, Kappa Sigma Fraternity (IKA); member, Trinity Inter-Greek Council; member, the Outing Club; member, Trap and Skeet Club

How would you describe yourself as a first-year student? I came to Trinity following a gap year, during which I worked as a tutor for seven months at a really exceptional secondary school in Gaborone, Botswana. I benefited from that year to see the world from many different perspectives and gain the independence that helped me come to Trinity’s campus with a little context about the wider world. Also my high school teachers at Hotchkiss had drilled a work ethic and pride for my work into my head that served me well that first crazy semester and every semester since.

How would you describe yourself now? I have changed with Trinity and become a stronger person intellectually, physically, and morally. I have more purpose in what I do, and I am better at making decisions that will impact my life significantly. I am also more self-aware and introspective than I was before, and that reflection has helped me realize what is important to me.

Ian1Which course has been your favorite? Why? I have loved many classes here at Trinity, but I would have to say that my favorite class has been a three-way tie between my advanced Mandarin language course, my introductory computer science class, and my introductory photography class. I love learning new skills that I know that I will be able to use in my life, and I especially love getting pushed to achieve more than I thought I could learn.

Which professor has influenced you the most? Why? The professors who have influenced me the most have probably been Professor Michael Lestz in history, Dean Xiangming Chen in international studies, and Professor Vijay Prashad, also in international studies. Also a shout-out to Chaplain Read for being awesome, and to my patient academic adviser, Professor Bayliss.

What is the most important thing you have learned at Trinity? I’ve learned that intellectual curiosity, hard work, and great personal relationships are crucial to success.

What has been most important to you outside of class? Outside of class, both the men’s crew team and the Accidentals, my a cappella group, have been a huge part of my life. On the team we push ourselves very hard. The Accidentals represent Trinity well through our dedication to both musical excellence and fun-loving goofy panache.

What is your favorite Trinity memory … so far? My favorite Trinity memory was hiking over a hundred miles in Nepal with a Trinity group that included some of my first-year mentees and some exceptional Trinity professors. We climbed the nearly 4,000 meters to the snow-covered Annapurna Base Camp with several stops to acclimatize to the thin air and prevent altitude sickness. Beyond this, I am looking forward to some great Trinity memories still to come this spring!

Where do you hope to be in 10 years? In 10 years I aspire to be an entrepreneur and financier helping to advise, build, and capitalize projects and products that will improve human lives worldwide.