Embodying the Liberal Arts


The new Crescent Center for Arts and Neuroscience, set for completion during summer 2017 and for occupancy in fall 2017, was designed to bridge the fields of neuroscience and the arts and to incorporate gathering spaces that foster creativity and collaboration among all members of the Trinity College community.

The building, located near the southeast corner of campus, will feature a new home for the Neuroscience Program, an Arts Creativity Corridor, and student common spaces. The areas dedicated to neuroscience, the largest program among the sciences at Trinity, will supplement existing neuroscience facilities. Plans feature six faculty research laboratories, a neuro-computation teaching laboratory, and a seminar room. The Arts Creativity Corridor will include a digital media studio, a media and performance studio, film production space, and a student gallery to showcase the work of Trinity students. Student common spaces will provide areas for guest speakers and networking.

The Crescent Center for Arts and Neuroscience also will serve as a resource to strengthen our work with neighborhood partners through programming that furthers connections with Hartford while continuing to build academic excellence for the campus community.

For more information, please visit http://www.trincoll.edu/CrescentProject