Recent Publications

Photo by John Atashian

Medicine from Cave Dwellers to Millennials
Jonathan L. Stolz, M.D. ’65
Telemachus Press, 2018; 365 pages 

The Heritage We Defend: A Contribution to the History of the Fourth International
David W. Green ’71, under the pen name David North
Mehring Books, 2018; 559 pages

Oh What a Move! Profiles of Hartford Basketball Players 1954–1984
Howard Greenblatt ’71 and Michael Copeland
Fox Hall Press, 2017; 368 pages

Landscapes with Donkey/Paisajes con burro
José Manuel Marrero Henríquez; translated by Ellen Skowronski-Polito ’93
Green Writers Press, 2018; 98 pages

Mapping the Middle East
Zayde Antrim, Associate Professor of History and International Studies
Reaktion Books, 2018; 333 pages

Writing for Engagement: Responsive Practice for Social Action
Edited by Megan Faver Hartline, Associate Director, Community Learning Initiative; Mary P. Sheridan; Megan J. Bardolph; and Drew Holladay
Lexington Books, 2018; 291 pages

The Russian Revival of the Dithyramb: A Modernist Use of Antiquity
Katherine Lahti, Associate Professor of Language and Culture Studies
Northwestern University Press, 2018; 374 pages

Snowshoe Country: An Environmental and Cultural History of Winter in the Early American Northeast
Thomas M. Wickman, Associate Professor of History and American Studies
Cambridge University Press, 2018; 310 pages

Welcoming New Americans? Local Governments and Immigrant Incorporation
Abigail Fisher Williamson, Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Policy and Law
The University of Chicago Press, 2018; 389 pages

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