Winter 2021

students in class wearing face masks
Pa Sukhum ’22, foreground, and Charlie Olson ’21, right background—wearing masks and practicing physical distancing—focus during their fall 2020 “Development Economics” class. The course was taught by Chitra Jogani, assistant professor of economics and international studies, in her first semester as a Trinity College faculty member. For more about how Trinity continued its mission during the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit Lessons Learned from the Fall 2020 Semester
Photo by Nick Caito

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About this Issue

cover of the Winter 2021 magazine
Cinematographer Rob Sweeney ’76 towers above Arizona’s Grand Canyon as he shoots an episode of HBO’s Entourage. For more on Sweeney, please see his Q&A. Photo by Skip McCraw.

You may notice that what you’re holding in your hands feels a little lighter than usual. Due to the pandemic and its attendant financial strain on the college, we needed to make cuts to the magazine budget. Rather than go back to a digital-only version (most of the comments we received from you about that were negative), we found savings by limiting this winter issue to the content that, according to the recent reader survey, you most like to read.

In these pages, you’ll find alumni stories—in the Volunteer Spotlight and Q&A columns—and Class Notes. You’ll also find the In Memory section of obituaries for those who have passed away. In addition, this issue includes our usual Alumni Events, as well as the Endnote, a letter from Trinity President Joanne Berger-Sweeney.

We’re planning for a full spring issue that includes all of the above plus the longer feature stories you’re used to receiving in each magazine; we hope that this abbreviated issue is a one-time occurrence, but, as with many things affected by the pandemic, we just don’t know for sure.

I hope that you enjoy this winter issue. As always, I invite you to send feedback on content to me at; I may include your letter in a future issue of the magazine.

—Sonya Storch Adams


Educating in a city, not an ivory tower, during a pandemic

Joanne Berger-Sweeney
Photo by Julie Bidwell

Here at Trinity, we proudly tout that we provide students an excellent liberal arts education in a city, preparing them to navigate complex, real-world problems beyond our campus. Located in a capital city, we understand that real cities operate under real challenges and real constraints. We are not suburban and we are not rural, though we are close enough to drive to either in minutes; we are in and of Hartford, the city we call home.

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