5 Things I like about America (kind of)

Since I have had such a negative outlook on the US since I have been here, and because my first post was 5 things I love about Barcelona, I thought my last post should be 5 things that I like about America (or can tolerate). Since being home, there are definitely things that I did not realized I missed when I was in Barcelona.

1. Feeling a sense of safety with personal belongings. At my gym at home, I have especially noticed how much different people act with their belongings. I leave my phone and wallet in an open cubby when I workout – something I would NEVER do in Barcelona. There is a different culture around stealing and pickpocketing here. It is socially unacceptable and rare.

2. Being able to drive. This is not something I realized I missed until I got home!

3. A sense of familiarity. Being with family. Going to the grocery store and buying your favorite food and brands of food. Being in your own home with your own room.

4. Not feeling out of place. I didn’t like that fact that people knew I was American while in Barcelona, so it is nice to fit in and not stick out like a sore thumb.

5. Feeling/doing all of the above, but knowing I will go back to Spain some day!!!

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